Below are videos in the collection of the district. If you desire to borrow one or more videos, email Robert xxx. 

Bill’s Own Story

Co-founder Bill W tells of his drinking and recovery.

60 minutes.

Bill Discusses the Twelve Traditions

Bill W tells how the principles safeguarding A.A. unity developed.

60 minutes.

Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous

Explains the principles of A.A.: what A.A. is and isn’t, primary purpose, sponsorship, home groups, the Steps And Traditions, and basic recovery tools.

16-1/2 minutes.

Your A.A. General Service Office, the Grapevine, and the General Service Structure

Tour the Grapevine office and your G.S.O. in this video, which also contains information on A.A. service structure.

22 minutes.

Markings on the Journey

DVD depicts A.A. ‘s history using rare material from A.A. ‘s archives.

30 minutes.

It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell

Filmed inside correctional facilities in the U.S. and Canada, this video tells the story of four young A.A.s who were in prison as a result of drinking, yet today are sober in A.A.

17 minutes.

Carrying the Message behind These Walls

This video focuses on encouraging more A.A.s to participate in carrying the message into correctional facilities and addresses some of the concerns that hold members back from this rewarding service.

14-1/2 minutes.

A.A. in Correctional Facilities

This DVD features professionals in the corrections field (non-A.A. members) discussing the value of A.A. meetings in correctional facilities. The DVD is designed for use in training programs for corrections personnel at all levels. It can also be of use to probation officers, lawyers, judges, and others interested in how A.A. can help in the prison system.

10 minutes.

A.A. Cooperation with the Professional Community

C.P. C. videos addressed to medical/human resources/corrections professionals. English,

6 minutes each.

Young People’s Videos

A collection of videos on one DVD in which A.A. members who got sober in their teens and early twenties talk about their experiences in Alcoholics Anonymous. The videos, which run about five minutes each, were submitted by the members themselves and are anonymity protected.

Young People’s “Animation” Video

Young people share their A.A. recovery stories in an animated DVD format. Set of 4 DVD’s 4 minutes each.